About us


Certified Organics manufactures and distributes a range of environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional chemicals and agricultural inputs.

Our philosophy is reflected in the products that we sell.

We believe that there is a sustainable and cost effective relationship between industry and ecology. We believe people and the environment can work hand in hand. Therefore all our products offer the end user a genuine commercial advantage whilst making a positive contribution to environmental and human safety.

Organic certification

Certifications - NASAA, Australian Certified Organic, Biogro New Zealand

Certified Organics products are exactly what they say they are: “Independently certified by a number of leading organisations that recognise and support companies that are truly and definitively organic in their approach, methods and products.”

Certified Organics products are an allowable input for organically certified farms and our products have been certified organic by the following IFOAM accredited authorities:


  • National Association for Sustainable Agriculture in Australia (NASAA) certification of Certified Organics products for organic farm input. Our NASAA certification number is 8082M
  • Biological Farmers of Australia approval of Certified Organics products for use on organic farms in Australia. Our BFA certification number is A1801

New Zealand

  • BioGro approval of Certified Organics BioWeed™ Herbicide for use on organic farms in New Zealand.