Case Studies

Sustainable weed control in Viticulture

Various Vineyards in Australia & NZ

Case Study – Viticulture (PDF 1.8Mb)

Environmentally conscious urban weed control

Dunedin City Council
South Island, New Zealand

Youtube video (opens in new window)

Removing broadleaf from pasture or grass

Paterson’s Curse
Victoria and South Australia

Bioweed Broadleaf Control in Pasture (PDF 1Mb)

Faster and cheaper than hand weeding. Use within a glasshouse and poly-tunnel.

Victoria and South Australia

Bioweed-indoor-weed-control (PDF 1Mb)

Sustainable weed control for potted and in-ground nursery plants

Various Nurseries,
Victoria Australia

BioWeed-Use-in-Nursery (PDF 185Kb)

Eradication of Bio Hazard weeds by targeting the weed seed in the soil

Branch Broom Rape eradication program
Murray Bridge, South Australia